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We started building wake parks before they were cool....


Mike Olson, (pictured right) entered the wake business in 2003 when he built KC Watersports.  Since then, Mike has owned and operated two successful parks and has either sold or consulted on countless others.  Customers include Wake Nation, BSR Wake Park, Next Level Ride, Cedars Camps,  The US Army and a few Fortune 500 Companies.   From planning to construction to operations,   no one knows it better.   In addition to wake park knowledge, Mike has an MBA and over 10 years experience in local local government.  

Josh Potter, (pictured right) is considered the expert in cable ski installation and mechanics in North America.  Josh worked for several years as cable operator and mechanic, before going on to be Rixen's installer in North America.  Over the last 10 years, Josh has installed many cable system in the US, Mexico and Germany.   If there is a problem, he can fix it!